TOBI corporation

 Privacy policy

TOBI  Corporation. (collectively referred to in this Statement as “we”) recognize the importance of individual information (information
        that can identify the individual) offered by the customer, and work on the following matters for a proper collection, use, and the protection
        of individual information.


   Collection and use of individual information

When individual information is collected, we collect beforehand, we inform of the purpose of use, the range of use is limited both then, and
we take care of appropriately.
Moreover, collected individual information will not offer it to the third party, except when there is a good cause by the law etc.

   Management of individual information and handling

We will consider proper information security measures against unlawful computer access etc. to prevent individual information from losing, 
       destroying, falsifying, and leaking, and manage safely.

   Consignment of individual information

We will educate consigning ahead when the handling of individual information collected from the customer in the entrepreneur the
       consignment our company ahead is consigned the necessity and appropriate, supervise, and persist in a safety control of customer's
       individual information and appropriate handling.

   Indication, correction, suspension, and deletion of individual information

When the request is received indication, the correction, the suspension, and the deletion, etc. of own individual information from the person  
       in question, I will have it corresponding to prompt following the attitude law of prompt processing.


We might use "Cookie" technology to acquire information that is not individual information from the online visitors. "Cookie" is  
       a text information file that visitor's web browser shows on visitor's computer when the visitor visits the Web site.

Most browsers automatically accept the cookie and there is the one not to accept the cookie according to the setting of a browser, and to 
       display so when the cookie is transmitted, too.

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