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Cleaning System/Automatic Spin Cleaning Equipment

We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.
  Model TMSC-4000
    Automatic cleaning system withcassettecassettetype(The photo is scrub cleaning + UV cleaning + hot plate. )
Substrate size: Φ2 inch Φ8 inch
Substrate transfer Three atmospheric axis clean robot
Clean unit HEPA filter as
Cleaning Spin clean and (Brush or MS User choose)
Cup diameter Φ4 00mm
Nozzle Two systems pulse motor drive.
Range of revolution speed 505000 rpm
Revolution speed accuracy   ±1rpm
Revolution speed display Digital
Revolution speed setting Liquid crystal touch panel setting
Option High-pressure jet nozzle,UV, excimer, and hot plate,Filter, etc.
Utility Power supply, CDA., N2, DIW., Drain etc.

It is designed by customers spec, and various applications can be corresponded easily.

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