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We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.
  Model TVC-5100
    High performance heater.
Heating uniformly:±0.5
Changeover of double chamber.
Shortening of deposition time.
Manual/Auto operation.
Seven gases introduction.
Downsizing and free-maintenance.

Main chamber Materials Quartz
DimensionsinsideID×height H Φ40×700mm
Operating pressure 1×10 ݣ Pa
Heating system Heating temp MAX 1200
Heating accuracy ±0.580100mm
Temp. control PID
Furnace core pipeinsideID×height L φ60×400mm
Installed furnace Sidewise
Floating zone 2 zone
Gas system Introduce reaction gas Mass flow control:7 connectio
Vacuum system Vacuum pump RP 500L/secgas proof specification
Mechanical booster pump90m3/Hr
Vacuum gauge Pirani/Capacitance manometer
 Dimensions Body dimensions W×D×H ××ʣ
Exhaust mount dimensionW×D×H ××ʣ

ҥȡӡTEL:0471-84-7255 or 080-4075-1975ʹⶶ