TOBI corporation

Multiple Spinner



Temperature water tank
     ・For chemical temp. control
     ・Developer temp. control    

We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.

  Model : TMSC-6000
    Cassette to cassette type automatic multipurpose processor to be equipped with clean unit. (The photograph is coater + developer + hot plate. )
Substrate size: Φ6 inch 〜 Φ12 inch
Substrate transfer Three atmospheric axis clean robot
Clean unit ULPA filter
Data set display Liquid crystal touch panel
Coater Two nozzle and back rinse as standard
Developer Chemical temperature-controller, nozzle cleaning function, and back rinse as standard
Hot plate 3 steps for Drying + cooling
Options Spin Cleaner, Spin Coater, Spin Developer, Spin Etcher, Spin Remover Spin Dryer of 6 functions can be done in one equipment,or you can choose your required functions. High-pressure jet nozzle, UV, excimer, hot plate, Filter,etc.
Utility Power supply, CDA., nitrogen, DIW., exhaust, Drain, etc.

※ It is designed by customers spec, and various applications can be corresponded easily.

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