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Multipurpose Processor/Spin Processor

We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.
  Model TMS-401
    It corresponds to the acid and the solvent by two kinds of body materials. (Please consults withus whenyouwillstudy.The photo is PVC body. )
Multipurpose equipment that can be used for etching, cleaning, development, stripping dry etc.
Substrate size Φ2 inch Φ8 inch
Clean unit HEPA filter as standard
Clean Spin clean and (Brush or MS User choose)
Spindle motor DC Motor
Range of revolution speed 100-5000 rpm
Revolution speed setting Volume
Revolution speed display Analog
Acid specification Acid and alkali type
Solvent specification       IPA . Various solution such as acetones
Option High-pressure jet nozzle and chemical nozzle , Filter,etc.
DIW. RCinch
Power supply 100200v1050/60ȣ±

It is designed by customers spec, and various applications can be corresponded easily.

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