LP-CVD/Vacuum Equipment

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  Model TVC-5100
    High performance heater.
Heating uniformly:±0.5
Changeover of double chamber.
Shortening of deposition time.
Manual/Auto operation.
Seven gases introduction.
Downsizing and free-maintenance.

Main chamber Materials Quartz
DimensionsinsideID×height H Φ40×700mm
Operating pressure 1×10 ݣ Pa
Heating system Heating temp MAX 1200
Heating accuracy ±0.580100mm
Temp. control PID
Furnace core pipeinsideID×height L φ60×400mm
Installed furnace Sidewise
Floating zone 2 zone
Gas system Introduce reaction gas Mass flow control:7 connectio
Vacuum system Vacuum pump RP 500L/secgas proof specification
Mechanical booster pump90m3/Hr
Vacuum gauge Pirani/Capacitance manometer
Outer dimensions Body dimensions W×D×H ××ʣ
Exhaust mount dimensionW×D×H ××ʣ

Vacuum Anodic Bonding System

We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.

  Name Vacuum Anodic Bonding System

This equipment consists of process amber.acuum-exhaust system, gas-feed system, heating part and DC high voltage power.
It can be joined silicon wafer and yrex Glass substrate with heating, and DC high voltage power, and can be operated vacuum-exhaust, gas-feed system, gas-purge, heating and DC high votage power by manual. 

Process substrate  Silicon-Pyrex Glass 
Size  Φ100mm(4inch wafer) 
Heating temperature Max.600(using carbon jig)
Pressure range 10 Pa 101080 Pa(when blank)
Reach pressure 10 Pa Order 
Power supply 10KVA 200V Φ60Hz/50Hz
Gas Inert gas
Cooling water 15litr./min. more
Compressed air 0.5MPa0.77MPa

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